Green Carbon Credits

Compensate 1000kg of CO2, and help against ocean acidity


What is a Green Carbon Credit?

A green carbon credit is 1000kg of CO2 cleaned from the atmosphere, by using natural minerals to absorb it. The main advantage is that the CO2 will actually dissolve into a different material and won't flow back into the atmosphere on a later stage (like trees do)

Perhaps the best part is that the newly created substance: calcium carbonate or ordinary chalk, will eventually flow to the ocean. In the ocean it has a positive effect as it is reducing the acidity of the oceans. Eventually it will become limestone, which  is the exact same method how our planet has been absorbing CO2 from the air for billions of years. 

Conclusively this mineral absorbs CO2 and reduces ocean acidity. A two-edged sword against climate change.  

Coast of Normandy

Why not use trees to absorb CO2? 

When the tree falls, what happens?

Trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere, which is good. But what happens after the tree is end of life? The wood is then collected and burned, or it will decay in the forest. Both ways the majority of CO2 will return back to the atmosphere. Perhaps in between furniture or houses are made from the wood, but eventually it will still be burned or decay, sending the CO2 back in the atmosphere, where it came from.. 



Image by Simon Berger

In the graph we see the carbon sequestration (meaning capturing and storing of carbon). Here the CO2 absorbing mineral (olivine) is compared to the lifespan of trees. Every tree will eventually return it's absorbed carbon back to the atmosphere.

How can I help?

GREEN CARBON is a non-profit organisation. For only €55 we ensure 1000kg of CO2 is absorbed from the air and stored safely so it will never return. It has never been easier to offset your emissions and become CO2 neutral or at least partially compensate for your emissions. 

How it works

For the €55 we mine the olivine mineral and distribute it to a space so it's out in the open air and in contact with rain water, which is needed for the CO2 binding reaction to happen. For the €55 you have cleaned 1000kg of CO2 from the air. 

GREEN CARBON is working on a greater goal than just growth of capital. We seek to take action to clean our air and save our natural environment.
Become carbon neutral for just €79 per month and clean your emissions for the whole year (16.000kg CO2) 

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