Let's build CO2 capturing applications

Save on heating/ cooling costs while reducing climate change

R&D developments, what can we build to aid our cause


The total energy consumption annually consumed by our buildings worldwide is 40% (International Energy Agency) 

From the total amount of energy spend on heating and cooling our buildings we lose 30% due to ventilation. 

* Recent studies show that to keep out viruses like Covid19 we need to ventilate 150% more than normal, increasing the 30% to 45% energy loss. 


What if we absorb our CO2 and recycle our hot/cool energy?

In order to do so, we will have to:

1) Absorb 1kg CO2 per person per day (or 416gr per 10 hours working day)

2) Filter out small particles (dust, odours, bacteria, viruses etc)

We are currently developing solutions which are both absorbing CO2 as well as reducing energy costs. 

Interested to offset CO2 emissions? See below our certificates:



Become 100% carbon neutral

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