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We clean CO2 from the air
by Re-cycling your air
 (and you save on your energy bill) 


How it works

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01 / High CO2 absorption
02 / Save energy costs
03 / Cleaner air than outside

We use a special material which binds with CO2 directly from the air with very little energy supplied. The only energy it consumes is the air circulating in the room/ building. The waste product is an abundant material in nature and completely harmless. 

While energy prices keep on going up, it makes sense to recycle our heat or cold energy. Ventilation is an energy and therefore money loss, there are alternative ways to clean the air. We can reduce the CO2 and clean the air with HEPA and/or carbon filters. 

Our machines have reduced as high as 10.000ppm CO2 to 120ppm CO2, which is cleaner than outside air (which is approx 410ppm) All based on a chemical process where air flows through a nano diffusor and a water solution. We work with two reactive materials. 


Since 2006 we have been engineering and producing various tech products with great enjoyment. But now we're ready for the bigger picture, to focus our strengths and inspiration on something that will make the planet a better place by saving energy and reducing CO2 emissions. As the need for solutions to fight climate change is apparent.. 


"We use nature and technology to reverse climate change." This means we will continue to turn our technical skills in system design and sustainable engineering into solutions that help to reduce CO2 emissions and provide cleaner air and in general a cleaner environment for us all to live in.  


We use two different compounds. A reactive material which is the most effective in binding CO2 and a second based on carbon storage through advanced weathering of which we believe it is the most sustainable solution out there at the moment. Mainly as it's nature own way to absorb CO2, we are only speeding up this process. 



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